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About Linknet Solutions

Founded in mid 1999, Linknet Solutions has grown in leaps and bounds. Initially starting with just offering web design solutions, Linknet Solutions is now Brunei's leading technology solution provider and Brunei's No.1 mobile content provider. We are highly dedicated to new technologies in this rapidly growing I.T. industry. Our core services include Mobile Short Messaging Service (SMS), EMS and MMS VAS for GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA network, voice, data and wireless communications solutions, e-business and Web 2.0 deployment.

Our retail and wholesale network focus on I.T. equipment supplies, mobile phones and related products.

Linknet Solutions is currently active in the following region: Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our approach is tailored to your requirements. We are not only providing a full service range in our specialist areas of expertise, at the same time we are happy to be your independent expert at key stages in your project. With each client we have developed a close working relationship built on performance and trust.

Our Mission:

  • To develop Innovative Technologies for you which are surely beyond your imagination
  • To bring Cost Effective Technology to enhance your work efficiency and to help you make precise and quick decisions
  • To provide Competitive, Innovative, Top-quality services designed to improve the way you work and communicate

Our Solutions to Clients:

  • Understand the Business Issues
  • Research the Technologies
  • Apply and Implement the Solutions
  • Gain Competitive Advantage
  • Increase Revenues
  • Reduce Operating Expenses
  • Streamline Business Processes

We can help you cut right through the complexities of rapidly changing technology. Our innovation, skills and experience will help you achieve your business objectives - quite possibly in ways you haven't thought of before. It's our job - and we do it well.

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