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E-Shops or online shopping store is simply online electronic commerce: buying and selling products over the Internet. Products are displayed in an online store, and potential customers can read information about the products, see them on the web site, and have the option to purchase them online. 

The advantage of having an online store is to extend your existing distribution channels and interact more directly with your customers.  To bring this idea to life, however, you needed to find the right solution to build the system and the right enabling technologies to base it on.

We allow you to create secure retail web site order forms, including customized order form page layouts and multiple shipping methods based on price, quantity and weight. The Internet is international.  It is easy to send packages to international destinations and it costs less than you might expect.

We can develop your online store to accept real-time point-of-sale credit card authorization and verification. Our Shopping cart functions allow consumers to add items to a virtual shopping cart, view the contents, delete items and even check out - without having to stand in any lines!

We offer merchants a variety of order notification methods to meet their business - and their customers' - requirements. Methods include electronic mail, encrypted electronic mail, facsimile and secure web-based order information access. Merchants also can receive digital sales receipts via electronic mail and the World Wide Web.

Browser communication with our secure order forms is protected by the RSA SSL security mechanism -- the most widely used security protocol on the Internet today. This means you and your customers can rest easy knowing that all order processing and transactions are secure.

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