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Web Hosting

A reliable and flexible hosting service is what today's business need. A web site without a reliable hosting service support is like a shop that is always closed for business. Our server uses one of the best connected Internet Data Centers in the Asia-Pacific.

Internal Infrastructure

The server is powered by state of the art Cisco switches and routers. Each of our client's account server is going through the Cisco Catalyst 5509 switches and Cisco 7709 Routers. These high end mission critical equipment will ensure that data gets in and out of the client's account server at the fastest possible speed.

External Infrastructure

Our server currently has two connections to both STIX (SingTel Internet Exchange) and A-Bone (Asia Pacific Back Bone) via a 100mbps fibre link to Pacific Internet and an OC-3 (ATM) link to SingNET. In addition, the server has its own OC-3 (ATM) link directly to Singapore ONE, Singapore's broad band network as well as a 2 Mbps ATM circuit to UUNET.

By connecting to multiple Asia Pacific backbones, our server can distribute data out quickly to our clients with the quickest possible time in the shortest possible path. The server also routes out via multiple backbones, so it is not dependent on any single point of failure. In the event of a failure in one circuit, the network automatically re-routes data to another backbone, thereby ensuring uptime and redundancy for our clients.

Our hosting services provide:

  • 24-hour expert monitoring and support  
  • full UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
  • Regular automated backup procedure
  • Network redundancy
  • Environmentally-controlled
  • Security system with closed circuit video surveillance


  • pop and web-based email account
  • own cgi-bin directory access
  • ODBC setup for ASP account (under NT Server Hosting)
  • individual ftp account
  • telnet access
  • anonymous ftp login
  • Frontpage 2000 extension
  • Support Allaire cold fusion
  • Support MIVA cart system
  • mSQL
  • live real media (per stream)
  • virtual host
  • unique IP
  • ...
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