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Wireless Technology

Wireless Application Protocol, WAP,  is the gateway to a new world of mobile data. It provides a universal standard which enables users to easily access web-based interactive information services and applications from the screens of their mobile phones such as Nokia 9210(i) Communicator and Ericsson R380. Think of WAP as a tool. For instance, it connects you to your company's information when you need it most, when you are standing in front of your customer. 

Both consumer and corporate solutions, like e-mail, corporate data, news, sports and information services, entertainment, TV/movies, travel, leisure, culture, medical care, electronic commerce transactions and banking services will be available. 

We provide WAP/WML custom services. We can help you connect your company's information with the new generation of Wireless Internet phones. Consider the following:

From the construction of simple WAP pages, to the implementation of complex mobile applications, featuring database integration and CGI/ASP scripts, we can provide an unparalleled level of technical service.

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